Solar Community Cooking

Solar thermal cooking systems are efficient and hygienic for community cooking like industrial/institutional canteens, religious places, community centers, etc. Rising fuel costs and environmental concerns have compelled us to look for off grid solar energy generation, which is cleaner and more sustainable.

Several organizations in India are successfully using solar thermal energy for cooking and industrial applications.solwedISH™ solar dish can assist in cooking food on a community scale, occupying less space & providing efficient output at the same time. As solwedISH™ solar dish can deliver temperatures as high as 300°C (thermic oil), it can be used in frying or baking chapatis, that require higher temperatures of around 250 °C.

One solwedISH™ dish system of 150m2 area can provide steam for cooking around 4500 meals per day. solwedISH™ technology is so flexible in scalability meaning it can be sized according to the needs of the customer. However the dish technology performs better in economics if the requirement is more than 1000 meals a day.

solwedISH™ 150 and solwedISH™ 80 are the two variants available at this moment. The complete specifications are explained in the Performance & Savings