Industrial Process Heat

The major industries such as Chemical, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and most other manufacturing industries have processes that need large amounts of thermal energy. To meet this energy demand, non-renewable fossil fuels have been used, which cause environmental pollution. Prices of industrial fuels such as Furnace Oil, LDO and LSHS have increased at a steep rate of fifteen percent per annum over the last decade. Since India imports almost eighty percent of its oil consumption, industries are facing a risk due to volatile international crude oil prices. Even though several applications are possible by harnessing solar energy, utilizing it to generate steam is the most economically viable. Not only does it offer a potential solution to the oil security threat confronting India, but also a remedy to the environmental damage caused by conventional fuels. The industry can take advantages of the solar thermal technologies offered by SolwedISH, which will help companies in putting a cap on their long-term fuel expenses.

 Let’s have a look on some of the thermal energy requirements of a few industries and how SolwedISH solar thermal technology solutions can help in meeting them.